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What to pack for a ski weekend in the alps
What To Pack for a Ski Weekend in the Alps

January 28, 2019

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We recently checked off a major bucket list item in our household, skiing in the Alps! If you guys follow me on on Instagram you’ll know that my feed essentially turned into a winter wonderland over the past week or so, which I’m 100% okay with!

If you’re anything like me, and wondering what to pack for a ski weekend in the Alps, I’ve got you covered! I honestly overpacked a bit for this trip, so I’m breaking down what I should have brought below so you can avoid the dreaded overpacking, especially when it comes to a ski trip!

I’m already missing the gorgeous slopes and amazing aprés ski culture we enjoyed (lemme tell ya, they know how to do it right in Austria) and can’t wait for another magical trips to the mountains! 

First things first, what should you be packing all your gear in? Let’s get to it! 

The hardware

Let’s first talk about what to pack your gear in! I recently got a new carry on bag from American Tourister, and absolutely love it! If you guys know me, you know that I’m alllll about carry on luggage. Especially when you’re traveling quite frequently, no one has time for this unneeded baggage fees, ya know what I mean?

I got The White Curio spinner, and got so many compliments on it in the airport! It has four wheels (game changer, BTW) and fit everything we needed outside of our gear (which I’ll lay out below) but Zach and I were both able to fit all our our non-ski attire into this bag making is super easy to navigate the planes, trains, automobiles and busses it took to get to the little fairytale village in the Austrian Alps we stayed in. 

What to pack for a ski weekend in the alps

It’s also incredibly lightweight, which I absolutely love, and is definitely one of those pieces of luggage that we’ll have in our possession for a long time to come! I found the exact one I bought on Amazon for less than $100, and you can shop it right here! 

So, we packed all of our non skit (aka our aprés ski gear;)) into this epic spinner, and threw our bulky gear into our big duffle and we were good to go!

There are some things I’m a firm believer that you should bring yourself and are definitely worth it to pack, and others that are definitely notttt worth it to pack! So without further adieu, here we go! 

What to pack for a ski weekend in the alps

The Gear to Pack

  • Packing Cubes: If you guys aren’t using packing cubes yet, it’s time to get on it. They are seriously game changers in how much you’re able to fit into your carry on! I use these ones, and they’re my absolute favorite! 
  • Helmet: PSA, if you’re not wearing a helmet, change that ASAP! This is something you can stick in your duffle, and pack other things into (like mittens, socks, etc)
  • Goggles: I’d bring your own, skip the renting on these!
  • Mittens: Mittens > Gloves allll day. When your little fingies get cold up on the mountain, having them in mittens will warm ’em up so much faster! 
  • Pants: Definitely something you should bring yourself over renting
  • Jacket: This seems obvious, but there was one time when Zach and I almost left without out ski jackets. Talk about a rookie move!
  • Ski Socks: Try to look for anything with merino wool in them, 
  • Gaiter: Aka the better version of the scarf for skiing, again try to get anything with Merino wool in it because it will keep that neck of yours SUPER warm, and you can pull it all the way up to your eyeballs to stay nice and toasty. 
  • Under Layer: I still wear my old ski under warm skins for this, and it keeps me so toasty!

What to pack for a ski weekend in the alps

The gear to skip

  • Skis and Snowboards: If you’re traveling on plane/train/bus/etc definitely skip bringing your own board or skis, as hard as it might be! Hauling this around will be a huuuge pain in the butt. Leave those bad boys at home and try renting instead. Bonus: a lot of the time when you rent you get to try out demo skis so you might even get to try skis that are better than yours! Win, win! 
  • Poles: Or “sticks” as they’re apparently called over here! Similar to the above, leave these at home boo. They’re super easy to rent! 
  • Boots (potentially): Okay so I left this under potentially, because Zach and I both brought our own boots because I’ve had horror stories renting boots before, and happy feet = happy ski day. I left it under potentially because they do take up a ton of room when packing, so I’ll leave this one up to your personal choice 😉 

The Aprés items to pack

Aka everything you’re not wearing up on the mountain!

  • One sweater (wear the other one on the plane!): Pro tip: wear your bulkiest items on the plane to save room in your bags. Yes, you will likely be sweating your booty off in the airport, but it’s seriously the best piece of advice! Time to layer up, girlfriend. Stick to neutral colors so you can mix and match.
  • One pair of black leggings: If you’re there for a short amount of time, know that one pair of leggings is totally fine. Pair ’em with your big slouchy sweater and you’ll be ready for all your aprés dreams to come true!
  • One pair of jeans: Again, if you’re only there for a weekend, one pair of jeans is totally fine. Plus, if you’re leggings will fit under ’em, you’ll be cozy AF!  
  • Boots (wear these on the plane!): Outside of any ski boots, make sure to pack a pair of waterproof/snow boots! I actually didn’t have my snow boots here in Barcelona, but I did bring my hiking boots and those worked great! Turns out they’re super waterproof and I was able to tear through the snow. Don’t forget these! They might not be the most stylish things ever, but they’re so needed to keep your tootsies warm and dry!
  • Extra Jacket: I’d recommend bringing a puffer so you can squish it in your bag. This is really helpful to have so you have a dry coat on hand, in case your ski coat is a biiit wet from your day on the mountain! 
  • Scarf: Outside of your gaiter, make sure to bring an extra scarf (again, one that stays dry) and wear this on the plane to save room! 
  • Non Ski Mittens/Gloves: Are you sensing a trend yet…? Make sure to bring a pair of gloves that you won’t be wearing on the mountain so your ski gloves can dry during the evening.
  • Beanie/Hat: I don’t wear a hat when I ski because my helmet keeps me warm, but remember to bring one for after that helmet comes off! Not to mention, it’ll help hide your crazy helmet hair 😉 
  • Snuggly socks: No explanation needed. Time to get cozy.
  • Jammies (aka your coziest cozies): Mmmm nothing is better than ripping your cold ski gear off and getting into your warm cozies. Don’t forget to bring your snuggliest leisurewear for your post mountain excursions! 

And that’s it! You’re now full prepped to enjoy the coziest, most magical ski weekend of your life! I’ll link a few of my favorite items below to help you with what to pack for a ski weekend in the alps!

Have you guys been to the Alps to ski? If not, is it something that would be on your bucket list? Let me know below!

What to pack for a ski weekend in the alps

*This post was produced in partnership with American Tourister, but all opinions are my own.