The Twelve Girl Boss Books You Should Read This Year

August 15, 2018

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Twelve Girl Boss Books to Read This Year

I recently took to Instagram to share with y’all the Girl Boss books I was reading this year, and got so many questions about my top picks, I’ve decided to share my twelve girl boss books you should read this year! Also, if we’re being honest, this is also a huge motivator for me. My goal this year (can I start an advocacy to begin New Year’s resolutions mid-year?) is to begin each day being more mindful, and more present. 

What does this look like for me? It means NOT checking email, Instagram, project management tools, etc…essentially allll the things on my phone that can cause stress or anxiety first thing in the AM. Sooo not the ideal way to start a day!

So instead of reaching for my phone first thing, I’m trying to begin by slowing things down, before the chaos of the day truly begins. Recently I’ve implemented reading an inspirational piece of literature into my morning routine, because it 100% gets me in the mood to conquer the day ahead! I’ve been trying to balance this out with reading some fiction in the evening when I’m strong enough to not just toss on Netflix 😉

This list is full of works written by incredibly inspirational women who are just absolute powerhouses in their given fields. Sure, these could all be considered self-help books, but I’m truly not a huge fan of that term. So I just refer to these bad-boys as my inspirational reads! 

I’ll be upfront with y’all; I haven’t read all of these but they’re currently all downloaded on my Kindle and ready to go! Sidenote: I’m a huge fan of feeling books in my hand (not to mention the covers make for gorg #shelfies) but  since our move to Barcelona, I’ve realized that a Kindle is just easier for our current lifestyle. 

Okay, okay..enough sidenotes! Let’s get to it, so you can get to checkin’ these Girl Boss books off your list! You can click any of these links to snag a copy for yourself. 

Ready to get out there and crush it? Because….

You Are a Badass

Yep, I said it. You ARE a badass. This was one of the very first inspirational works I ever read and girrrrl if you haven’t read You Are a Badass, you are totally missing out! Jen Sincero is fresh, the perfect amount of sassy, and will leave you feeling totally refreshed and completely rejuvenated, and *cof cof* feelin’ like a total badass. 

Girl Code

Do you ever look at other ladies out there totally #killinit and feel like you just totally missed the mark somewhere about HOW they made that happen? Then Girl Code is for you, my sweet. It breaks down everything you need to not only harness that energy, drive and determination you KNOW you have, but it also gives you the tools do to so through other women’s stories of success (and failures). 

Big Magic

If you have a creative bone in your body (NEWSFLASH: you do, girl!) then put this one on your list ASAP. Elizabeth Gilbert, who you likely recognize from her Eat, Pray, Love fame absolutely knocks it out of the park here. Big Magic not only will inspire you to flex those creative muscles, but it also gives you the space to be brave in the pursuit of your dreams. Big Magic? I’m here for it! 

Get Over Your Damn Self

If you read I Am A Badass and are like “yaaaas girl give me MORE of this no-nonsense/no BS goodness!” then Get Over Your Damn Self is a must read. Inside you’ll find advice to give you a fearless approach to completely killin’ it in your business, and have the confidence to know that the only thing standing in your way–is you. If you’re lookin’ for that jolt of reality to get your bootay into gear–this is for you!

Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office 

If you haven’t read Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, I’d fa sho start there. Then follow up with the follow up (see what  did there…?) Because it’s still true that nice girls DON’T get the corner office. If you’re anything like me, you might be a “yes girl” I always have been. But, this book teaches you that you’re not gonna get to the top, if you’re constantly worried about other people. If you need a confidence booster, give this one a read. Speaking of nice girls…

The Myth of  the Nice Girl 

This is next up on my list and I CANNOT wait to read this one. Not only does it incorporate the fundamentals of getting ahead, it breaks down how to cultivate the career of your dreams while still remaining human, and true to yourself. I can’t wait to jump into the juiciness that is The Myth of the Nice Girl! 

Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job, Kill It In Your Career, Rock Social Media 

This one is SO good. So. So. So good. In today’s day and age, your personal brand (and yes, everyone has one) is just as important as your resumé. Leave Your Mark nails just how to make sure that brand is perfectly, well, you. How to navigate the complicated waters of professional and personal lives (which again, get so crossed in our age of constantly being connected). This is a must read for anyone just starting out in their career, or those well into it. Five stars!


Ooookay, the OG #girlboss herself Sofia Amuroso of Nasty Gal fame lays it all out on the line in this one. The definition of “started from the bottom now we here!” she is brutally honest in the best way. From dumpster diving to a million dollar empire…to an empire that went bankrupt. If you haven’t read #GIRLBOSS yet and are lookin’ to dive into motivational reads for the first time–start here. 

Power Your Happy 

Author Lisa Sugar (of PopSugar) truly seems to have it all together: dream career, happy marriage, and happy kiddos. AND she wants you to have it too. How did she get there? BY BELIEVING IN HER SELF. In Power Your Happy, Lisa breaks down and shares her struggles, and how she conquered them to get where she is today. Ready to believe in yourself? This one is for you girl!

Girl, Wash Your Face

Oooookay I’m currently reading this one and lemme just tell ya: I. AM. OBSESSED. Author and lifestyle guru Rachel Hollis shares how to stop believing the lies (the ones you’re tellin’ yourself…) so you can live the life of your dreams. One of my biggest takeaways? “Stop comparing yourself to the person you THINK you’re supposed to be” This woman speaks the truth, in a way that makes you feel like you’re chatting with your BFF, and I am so on board! If you haven’t hopped on Girl, Wash Your Face Train, get on it ASAP!

Secrets of Six Figure Women

Because at the end of the day, hittin’ that six figure mark is such a massive milestone! And, because, women are STILL paid less than their male counterparts. While that alone raises some serious WTF flags, Secrets of Six Figure Women breaks down how successful business women are crushin’ it in the workforce, all while demanding the salary they deserve. Get. it. girl.

Work Party

Okay, this one is on here as a bonus because it’s currently only available for pre-order but I KNOW this one is going to be one of my faves of all time. Powerhouse CEO and overall badass Jaclyn Johnson of Create & Cultivate brings her knowledge to paper in Work Party, a guide for women who are looking to redefine work on their own terms. Did you hear that? Louder for the people in the back. ON. THEIR. OWN. TERMS. Essentially, she’s the guru to inspire you to *ahem* Create & Cultivate the career of your dreams (p.s. I’m mildly obsessed even more after attending on of their epic conferences last year, which I wrote about right here!) 

What are your fave reads to get you inspired and get that fire burnin’? Let me know below so I can end them to my endless list on my Kindle!



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The comments +

  1. Emily

    August 15th, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    I’m reading girl wash your face right now! It’s a must read for sure! Adding the corner office one to my list next!

  2. Stephanie

    August 17th, 2018 at 6:39 am

    Yes it’s SO dang good, I love her voice and that it just feels like you’re chattin’ with a girlfriend! Thanks for stopping by, Emily! <3

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