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The One Piece Suit to Rule Them All

March 21, 2017

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First things first, if you got the LOTR reference that is the title of this post, we should likely be friends. If you didn’t get it, and also have no idea what LOTR is, we can still be friends but you’ll for sure have to get some serious schooling in nerd 101. But for real, this trend really is the one to rule them all and I think I can get an amen from all my girls out there that this trend is here to stay. Enter: the beloved one piece suit.

Yes, the one piece has been around for ages (duh). But only in the last few years have we seen such an increase in the amount of stylish suits available. Hallelujah, sister! Why does this cause me so much excitement? Well, let me tell you. I’m all about rockin’ it in your bikini, but you know what I’m also all about? Burritos. One shouldn’t have to limit themselves to choose between two such sacred things because you’re nervous about feeling a tad bloated after such deliciousness. That’s what these magical pieces of fabric are for. So own that burrito (and margarita) and pull out your favorite one piece and own that ish girl.

Another added benefit? One pieces can 100% moonlight as tops tucked into your favorite pair of cutoffs while on the island (or any beach, or your backyard. You do do, sugar.) Actually, anything goes on the island. I think I lived in this exact “outfit” with a rotating one piece for 90% of our trip. My routine went something like this: wake up, shake out beach hair, repeat outfit, iced coffee, sunshine, read (and then read some more). Ohhh man do I miss that already. Shoutout to Maui for legit being one of the more heavenly places on this planet. 

I’ve listed a ton of my favorites below, that are similar to the one I’m wearing. This plunging piece I’m wearing is from Asos, and unfortunately just sold out (I’ll make sure to update y’all if it comes back in stock because it is actually life changing.) That being said, you may just find one below that scratches that island fever you’re feeling. Don’t think I left out the fun print on this one, though. You’ll absolutely find a few that totally nail the palm leaf print which is just about everywhere these days (another trend I can absolutely get on board with!) Palm leaves remind me of beaches. Beaches make me happy. It’s usually quite sunny at said beaches. Sun makes me happy…therefore, palm leafs = happiness. Simplest math I’ve ever done. 

Likely daydreaming about the chips and salsa I’m going to have later…

…followed up by imagining the waiter telling us the guac isn’t extra

Sidebar: moments after this little beachy photo session (shoutout to the best photographer in the land, my husband!) we witnessed a whalepod SO close to the shore. I’m talking close enough that if you were feeling a bit daring, you could likely swim out to it. WHAT THE WHAT! We live in Seattle (where Orca’s are quite common) and we’ve been to Maui before, and I have NEVER witnessed whales that were this close to the shore for that long. Luckily, they were safe and sound and not too close that they would be in any danger.

The coolest part about all this? Zach and I both sprinted to the water for a chance to actually SWIM with (or near…whatever) whales. Definitely an experience we’ll never forget! When we went under water we could legitimately hear these exquisite creatures communicating with one another, and the mama was definitely chattin’ it up with her two babies while showing them the ways of the sea. Turns out Dory wasn’t so crazy after all…

Enough chatter out of me, let’s get you into a one piece, my sweet (***burrito’s sold separately)

The One Pieces to Rule Them All

Maaji Swimwear Medusa Palms One Piece
ASOS Pink Palm Print Gathered Halter Swimsuit 
Stone Fox Swim Hermosa One Piece 
ASOS Mexican Night Print Tie Front Swimsuit 
Monki Contrast Knot Front Cutout Swimsuit 
ASOS Bright Tassel Trim Batwing Drape Swimsuit  
South Beach Bandeau Swimsuit with Contrast Trip 
6 Shore Road Wanderlust Bow Cut Out Swimsuit 
ASOS Clean Cross Back Mono Stripe Swimsuit 

 Complete your look with these other summer essentials (can you ever have too many beach hats…?)

P.S. the sunnies I’m wearing in the above photos are Karen Walker dupes, and are LESS THAN $10!  EXCLAMATION. UNDERLINE. EXCITEMENT. Seriously though, they. are. amazing. Get them here.

What are some of your summer must haves? Share with me in the comments or use #CurateThatMoment with me over on Instagram!
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The comments +

  1. Oh my gosh! I love all these suits! I’m in serious need of adding a couple one pieces to my bikini collection this year! Thanks for all the great finds.

  2. Love the bathing suit and thanks for the inspiration! I recently just got THE cutest summer sun hat that says Hello Summer on it from the BP department at Nordstrom!

  3. Sheila Joy says:

    I’m so happy that one-piece swim suits are in style! I love how they can be paired with shorts or skirts for a cute off-beach look, but then you can head right into the water. So versatile! Love your palm print x

  4. Your one piece swimsuit is so cute!! I love them because it hides my belly haha


  5. Rachel Li says:

    Wow that one-piece is an absolute show stopper! And these shots are AMAZING, you look stunning!

  6. Mamaguru says:

    I love this suit. It’s so pretty! One pieces are so much more flattering than tankinis.

  7. Kasia says:

    Great post. A one piece is so easy to wear and doubles as a top and swimsuit in one. I had this one polka dot suit that I loved. It was so stylish.

  8. Kelsey says:

    I am all about the one pieces this year!! I have that tassel one from ASOS and it’s so cute!

    xo Kelsey |

  9. I’m so into tropical prints right now. I hope it’s not a phase! That suit is gorgeous!

  10. jessica says:

    i love one pieces and these are all so cute!

  11. Millie says:

    I need one of these I love the palm leaves!!!

  12. Jo-Anne says:

    I’m all about the one piece suits these days. These ones are so nice.

  13. Kelsey says:


    This suit is so cute! I love the print! I recently wore a one piece while on vacation and I was surprisingly comfortable! I used to view them so negatively but it was fun to be care free and not have to worry about everything being out lol.

    Great picks!



  14. I love the colors in this suit! And I really like that it has the plunging neckline without revealing too much!

  15. I love a good one piece! The print on yours is so summery, and it looks pretty comfortable too! I always wear my one-piece with shorts we we’re at the beach, too. Love this post 🙂

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