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best coffee shops in barcelona
The Best Coffee Shops in Barcelona

October 7, 2018

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When we moved to Europe, wanna know one of the first things I found myself looking for when we landed? The best coffee shops in Barcelona! Because caffeine = life. Especially when you’re workin’ fully remotely, it’s definitely a good reprieve to get out of your home office. Heading to some of the absolute best coffee shops here in Barcelona have definitely been the ideal way to do just that! 

Moving from Seattle, which is filled to the brim with eclectic coffee shops, I was on the hunt for my new favorite places as soon as we touched down here in Barcelona. Many of these places I went to initially because they all serve one thing that I was craaaaving (and something that’s not super common here in Europe)…iced coffee! You’ll find an iced latte or cold brew available at any of the coffee shops in this guide. If you’re visiting during the sweltering summer months, you’re welcome, in advance.  

Transitioning into this whole full-time digital nomad life means that my offices have moved from one place, to all over the city. Barcelona’s coffee shop’s have provided the perfect atmosphere to not only crank out some work, but taste delicious brews while I’m gettin’ ish done! I’m also a big design nerd, and these spots are also definitely worthy of making a mark on your Instagram feed 😉 

This list is pretty spread out throughout the city, so no matter where you’re staying in Barcelona, you’ll find something to give you your caffeine fix! Ready to get caffeinated? Let’s dive into the best coffee shops in Barcelona!

P.S. insider tip: WiFi here in Barcelona is pronounced “wee-fee”, just a heads up for ya, in advance!

Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop

Located in the eclectic and charming El Born district, Nomad is one of Barcelona’s most famous roasters. With two locations throughout the city, it’s definitely a must visit for the true coffee lover in all of us! Without a doubt the best coffee bean supplier in town, Nomad is a staple here in Barcelona. Neither location offers WiFi (something that’s not all too uncommon here) but it’s worth the pop in for the perfectly smooth brew that awaits you. Find them here, @nomadcoffee.

Best coffee shops in Barcelona

Espai Joliu

This place, what can I say? I’m absolutely smitten with Espai Joliu, it couldn’t NOT be on my list and is absolutely one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona. Part coffee shop, part plant store, part magazine library, this concept store is the epitome of what Cereal would be if it jumped off the pages, and formed a coffee shop. The wi-fi is strong, the coffee even stronger. There are multiple long tables, and they don’t mind if you stay for a few hours to crank out some work. This place is pure heaven. Find them here, @espaijoliu.

bset coffee shops in Barcelona

best coffee shops in barcelona

Best coffee shops in Barcelona

Skye Coffee Co.

Located just around the corner from Espai Joliu, Skye Coffee is one of the coolest coffee “shops” I’ve ever experienced. And I say “shops” because this concept coffee bar is actually located in a large open warehouse, the center piece being this adorable (and v. Instagrammable) coffee truck. It has multiple huge open work tables, delish coffee, and an overall a super inspiring work space. Gimme all those white, bright, walls please! 10/10 recommend this place! Find them here, @skyecoffeeco.

best coffee shops in barcelona

Black Remedy Coffee Bar

This place was brought to my attention through another digital nomad who has also called Barcelona home for a while! Initially, I came here because it was the middle of August, it was hot AF, and they served cold brew that I was desperately craving. I’ve come back since then because I’m smitten with it. It’s also open on Sundays, which isn’t always so common here in Barcelona. It’s located in the middle of the Gothic Quarter, so if you happen to be staying in that area, definitely pop in! It’s quite big, has some pretty yummy bites, strong WiFi and tons of work space. Find them, right here @blackremedycoffeebar.

The Sweet Ophelia Cafe

I stumbled across this place when I was actually on my way to a different coffee shop, but I couldn’t resist the dreamy interiors at Sweet Ophelia. I’m shocked I hadn’t heard of this before, because it’s the ideal coffee shop to get some serious work done! I ordered a cappuccino (highly recommend), and was able to stay for a few hours to crank out some work. It boasts tons of open tables, super yummy bites, and a (very) strong WiFi connection. It’s one of the ideal coffee shops in Barcelona for digital nomads and remote workers. Find them here, @the_sweetophelia_cafe.

Best coffee shops in Barcelona

Satan’s Coffee Corner 

Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, this one still makes my list even though they don’t have WiFi available (GASP). The reason it still makes my list: it’s my go-to place to get things done when I don’t want to be distracted with the ever ending tunnel that we know as the interwebs. Don’t be scared off by the name. Inside you’ll find travelers, locals, and coffee addicts gathered to have a good brew, and a delish bite to eat. Don’t miss the flat-white, it’s definitely the most popular drink in the place! You’ll also find your coffee served with a side of honesty. They don’t tolerate BS, Vanilla, Strollers, or Yelp 😉 Find them right here, @satanscoffeeco.

best coffee shops in barcelona

best coffee shops in barcelona

Federal Cafe

Federal Cafe is a must visit for anyone coming to Barcelona. There are two locations, and either one is worth the stop. I actually first fell in love with Federal Café during our weekend getaway to Valencia, and was so stoked to find out they have two locations here in Barcelona as well. This is on the list not only for their delish coffee, and space to really crank work out, but also because they have some of the best brunch I’ve found yet! Not to mention, its modern, minimal design makes my heart oh-so happy. Highly, highly recommend checkin’ Federal Café out when visiting coffee shops in Barcelona! Find them here, @thefederalcafe.

Best coffee shops in Barcelona

Hidden Café

Somewhat of an unknown delight, Hidden Café is a place I’m glad I was able to find. Located in the Sants neighborhood, this speciality coffee roaster is a digital nomad’s dream. This roaster is a bit more off the beaten path, which means it usually won’t be insanely crowded. They also boast a matcha bar, which is quite rare for coffee shops in Barcelona. Find them right here, @hiddencafebarcelona.

hidden cafe

Syra Coffee

Syra Coffee is on this list for a few reasons, but mostly because it has one thing I have yet to discover at many other coffee shops here in Bacelona: take-away coffee! And take-away iced coffee, at that! Color me joyful because this spot is a stones throw away from our flat in Gracia, and is my go-to when I want the coffee shop experience, but don’t want to sit down for hours (though, there is a bit of seating inside, it fills up rather quickly). You’ll recognize it from the minimalistic sign outside, reading “Good Coffee Here” Couldn’t agree more, Syra, couldn’t agree more. Find them right here, @syracoffee.

best coffee shos in barcelona

best coffee shops in Barcelona


I recently went to Onna for the first time, and I was so happy to have discovered this absolute gem of a coffee shop. These people take their roasting seriously, and the proof is in the pudding. Or the Cold Brew, but you get what I’m sayin’, here. They definitely are one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona for their attention to detail in their roasting, and gorgeous interiors. Find them right here, @onnacoffee.

Slow Mov

I would say of any on this list, SlowMov has become my go-to coffee shop. One because it’s located here in my neighborhood of Gracia so it’s super easy for me to walk to, but two, the coffee is SO. DANG. GOOD. There’s enough seating that I never feel crowded, and even a small garden space in the back to get some serious work done! It’s a far cry away from the more touristy locations in the Gothic Quarter, and it’s worth the trip. Find them right here,

best coffee shops in Barcelona

best coffee shops in barcelona

I’ve made a map for all you caffeine fiends out there the best coffee shops in Barcelona, so you can use it to check of your Barcelona Coffee Shop Bucketlist, one caffeine hit at a time!