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The 6 Things I’ll Miss Most About Seattle

July 16, 2018

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The time has officially come, the time when we’ve left Seattle behind for the next chapter of our lives in Barcelona. I’m breaking down the 6 things I’ll miss most about Seattle, the place I’ve called home for the past six years. This place holds a dear place in my heart and always will. I made some of the best friends while living here, friends that I’m not sure how I went my whole life without knowing. 

I launched a career here I am eternally grateful for. Rented my first “grown up” apartment. Before I moved to Seattle I legit was a public transportation newb, and can now say I can navigate busses, water taxis, and ferries with the best of them and actually hate driving in cars now. 

Over the past few weeks since we’ve made our plans officially official (pssst…if you want to check out how we made the move to Barcelona happen, I chat all about it right here!)

We’ve been trying to soak up as much of Seattle as we can, and have documented a bit of that on video to remember what the past (crazy busy/insanely wonderful) few weeks have looked like for us. From buying our *eeek* ONE-WAY tickets, to heading back over the mountains for time in eastern Washington, and exploring the parts of Seattle I totally take for granted, spending time on the water with our nearest and dearest, to selling and packing ALL the things…we squished as much as possible into these last few weeks. We recently launched a YouTube channel (because turns out, YouTube is a thing ;)) feel free to subscribe to many more videos comin’ at ya, right here! 

So without further ado, these (and so many more!) are the things I’ll miss the most about this gorgeous home of ours.

The Scenic Beauty

The thing I’ve constantly found myself saying over the past few weeks…is, “there’s truly nowhere on earth more beautiful than Seattle in the summer time.” If you’ve never been to the beautiful PNW, you might think I’m crazy, but believe me, if you’ve been here you know this to be true. Washington as a whole is seriously just so stunning. I would put a Seattle summer sunset up against any in the world, and I bet it would win. Washington really just encompasses everything from rainforests, to the iconic Mt. Rainer, to beaches, lakes, endless bodies of water, and the most eye-catching wine country you ever did see. I’ll especially miss sippin’ wine from Washington on my brother and sister in law’s charming beach house on Vashon. They recently moved there, and it’s 100% its own little slice of paradise.

Speaking of wine country…

The Wine..Duh

Not only will I always be the biggest fan of #WaWine (foreva eva) but Washington truly does make some of the most incredible wine in the entire world. Not only that, but it also boasts a pretty gorgeous wine country that I happened to grow up in. We were so lucky to be able to go visit my family for one last ideal summer evening back home. I’ll so miss being able to journey out to the vineyards, and sip on the delicious juice these hardworking winemakers and industry make. Looks like we’ll just have to bring that #WaWine to Barcelona! 

Daily Walks through the Market

Other things I’ll miss? Walking by one of the most iconic public markets in the world on the daily. When we lived in Queen Anne, I walked by the market twice a day, everyday to get to and from work downtown and didn’t realize at the time what an ideal commute that was. The last few weeks I’ve tried to soak up every moment in that gorgeous market of ours, eat all the food, and truly take time to smell the roses. AKA the STUNNING seasonal flowers available in the market!

Being on the Water During Summertime 

The water I’ll truly miss anytime of year, but there’s nothing quite like being out on Lake Washington on a clear, sunny summer day with Mt. Rainier in the background, surrounded by great friends, crackin’ open a cold one, and just relishing in what a stunnnning place the good ol’ PNW is. We recently had the chance to go sailing for the very first time and OH MY LORD what have I been missing out on?! Sailing, as it turns out, is pretty dang amazing. Though, I’m not picky when it comes to being on the water. From duffy boats to speed boats to intertubes, you bring the sunshine and I’m there! 

The Coffee Shops of Pioneer Square

I know that Barcelona will probably have truly amazing coffee shops, but nothing will ever compare to discovering new hidden gems on every street corner of one of my fave neighborhoods in the whole city, Pioneer Square. From General Porpoise to the brand stinkin’ new Callus (which is SO swoonworthy, and complete with multiple vintage clothing shops!) there’s always something new to discover, and new brews to try, and my caffeine loving heart already misses these little shops from heaven! P.S. If you’re in the Seattle area or headed that way, definitely check out Callus! It’s seriously my new fave coffee shop in the whole city! 

The People

Per usual, saving the best for last. As beautiful as Seattle is, and as buzzworthy as the coffee truly is, it would be nothing without the insanely wonderful humans that fill it. More than anything, we will miss the unique, incredible souls that make up this patchwork quilt of our tribe. We feel so dang lucky to have spent so much time with all of them over the past few weeks, and can’t wait until they come visit in Barcelona!

what I'll miss most about Seattle

Have you been to Seattle? Or are you a Seattleite at heart (hi, friend) Let me know what your absolute fave thing about the city is!