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How to Style: Black Leather Skirt

September 18, 2017

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I have been searching for the perfect black leather skirt for quite a while now. One that’s not too short, not too tight, and one that wasn’t going to cost me an entire paycheck to buy. I’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you  the black leather skirt of your dreams that won’t break the bank! This one from Nordstrom has made all of my leather skirt ideas come true. Dare I be the most cliché blogger of all time and say that this piece is the perfect staple piece for your wardrobe to help you make the transition into fall?

Yep, sayin’ it. This will be the perfect transition into fall piece you need in your wardrobe. When I found this one at Topshop (and saw the price tag–score!) I knew it must be mine. I then found myself wandering the aisles of Target, aka the happiest place on earth, you know looking for toilet paper or something and ended up in the clothing section. Whoops. Don’t say this has never happened to you, we’ve all fallen prey to the heavenly place that is Target. 

I stumbled across this incredible blouse and instantly knew it would be the perfect pairing for that sassy black skirt. It brings in feminine details and a soft touch to the harder edge of that skirt. The black details and the blush collar are just SO. GOOD. It also happens to be from the Who What Wear Collection at Target, which is absolutely fabulous. It looks incredibly expensive, is super on trend, but still falls into the budget friendly price-point you know and love at our beloved Target. If you haven’t had a chance to check out that collection, get your booty to your local store, or browse online, and check it out! It paired perfectly with this skirt and this outfit made me feel like I could conquer the world. 

I had received these Stella & Dot earrings during the Create & Cultivate conference (ps if you haven’t gone to this conference–check it out here! It’s fabulous and wonderful and incredibly beneficial and you need to go!) anyway I hadn’t had the chance to wear them yet, but the blush collar was just yelling at me. I mean COME ON. It’s like they were made for one another. I’m typically not a big earring person but I feel like these ones may have changed my mind. You’ll feel sassy as all get out wearing these bad boys

Finally I finished the outfit off with these taller black booties. I’ve seen some v v stylish ladies rockin’ these taller booties (I normally stick to something around my ankle) but I took a leap of faith and got these bad boys and I’m never turning back. Added bonus? They’re incredibly comfy AND that chunky heel makes them very easy to get around in. Get around in? Yes. Meaning if your clumsy AF like me you won’t be tripping over yourself like a baby deer. Hey, I’m nothing if not graceful (face. palm.) Enough rambling out of me, shop the post below by clicking one of these photos, or links! 

Women’s Topshop Faux Leather Pencil Skirt 
Who What Wear Women’s Femme Bow Blouse 
Riva Tassel Earrings • Stella & Dot
Women’s Steve Madden Edit Bootie

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