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Freelancer to Fintech Founder: How We Launched a Tech Startup

September 26, 2019

In July of last year Zach and I moved from our home in Seattle to Barcelona with pretty lofty dreams about the future. You can read more about what prompted our move right here.

In a nutshell, Zach & I always had dreams of moving abroad, and had put in what felt like an eternity to make it happen. How did we do it? A few different ways. I opened up a digital marketing studio arm of The Curated Collective, this once lifestyle blog had transitioned into a way for me to bring on clients that allowed me to work from anywhere in the world. I helped my clients with an array of initiatives including marketing, design, social media, and copywriting. As for Zach? He was accepted into an MBA Program in Barcelona, which established the Catalan city our new home.

While lots of people looked at us like we were a bit crazy for picking up our lives and moving abroad, I’m so glad those two crazy kids decided to listen to their guts. I can’t say enough about how much our time in Barcelona taught us, or the opportunities it brought us. But now, all of that has changed.

Because a little over a year later, we’re closing the chapter of Barcelona. I’ve been teasing this for a while, and if you’ve been following along with me on Instagram, this won’t be a surprise to you. But I haven’t been able to say where we’re headed next because we were waiting on some very important news. And that news?

We’re moving to London, baby! (Cue Joey from Friends because yes, I’m THAT excited). You might be wondering why we’re moving to London, and the answer?

We launched a startup! And by we, I mean myself, Zach, and our other two Co-Founders. While I’ve officially added Co-Founder And let me tell ya, startup life is one heck of a ride.

Our experiential investment app, Cache, launched in August. We officially have an app. It feels very surreal to write that out and know that I went from Freelancer to Female Fintech Founder this year. Although I had to give up working with my clients to go all in on Cache, I couldn’t be more grateful to be surrounded by such an incredible, and inspiring, team. Over the last few months my Type-A self has had to implement terms like “go with the flow” “pivot” and “wearer of many hats” into my daily vocabulary.

With that being said, earlier this summer, we flew to London to apply for a FinTech (Financial-Tech) Accelerator Program in London. We found out recently, that we were officially accepted into the program. If you’re wondering what an accelerator program is, in a nutshell it’s an application only fixed-term, program that includes growth opportunities, Venture Capital connections, mentorship, educational components, and culminates in a pitch event or demo day to accelerate growth. No two Accelerator Programs are the same, but that’s a general idea of how they go.

If that sounds like a description from an episode of Silicon Valley, it feels like one, believe me. But without further adieu, I wanted to share a bit more about Cache, the company that turned me from a freelancer to a Fintech Founder.

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What’s Cache?

So glad you asked! Cache is an experiential investment application that helps you earn more from the money you have, so you can spend less on the experiences you love. By bringing users returns of up to 25%, returns that were previously only available to those with extreme wealth. We thought it was about time the 1% stopped having all the fun. So we created a way to make that happen. 

Get Cache Investment App

Cache started on the foundation and belief that banks have made money from things like interest build up, overdraft charges, and inflated credit card fees, for far too long. Which is where we come in.

Cache helps you generate passive income on your investments every single month, so you can do more of what you love, sit back, and watch your money grow.

By unlocking the power of machine learning to bring you unprecedented returns on a regular basis, Cache helps you make more on the money you already have, and spend less on the experiences you already love. And the best part? Your can start investing for as low as $10. Want to know more? Check out the video below (you’ll even see an appearance by yours truly!)

Pinterest image of female founder Pinterest image of female founder

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