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One Teddy, Two Ways: How to Wear a Teddy Coat

January 28, 2018

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What’s fluffy, cozy, warm, and makes you never want to get out of it? You may very well think I’m talking about your heavenly bed, but in fact, I’m talking about one of the biggest trends to take over every corner of Pinterest this year: the Teddy Jacket. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many stylish jackets, particularly when you live in the PNW and essentially live in jackets for 70% of the year. Love you PNW, but it’s true. That being said, this piece is the latest staple you need to up your outwear game. 

I know that we’re all craving sunshine and Spring (AMEN, sister!) but reality is, winter is with us for the next few months. So we might as well cuddle up in essentially the coziest invention known to man, that’s also socially acceptable to wear outside. Wearing what’s pretty much a fuzzy blanket and having it count as stylish? Count. me. in. 

So, for those days you can’t get out of bed in the winter (let’s be real, getting out of bed in the morning is sooo much harder in these brisk months. Why is bed so extra cozy and delicious?! Why does it get so much comfier the second your alarm goes off?! Questions I will forever wonder…), you can seize the day knowing this bad boy awaits you. That, and the cup (pot) of coffee you have waiting for you.

These faux shearling darlings come in all shades of the neutral rainbow, and my heart rejoices for such things. I’ve worn this bad boy more than I care to admit, but it’s pretty much been my BFF in fighting away the winter blues. I’ve paired my favorite jacket two different ways, for my gals out there who enjoy taking a walk on the trendy side, and for those of you who like to keep it classic. No matter what you decide to pair with this little bundle of joy, it’ll be your closets new best friend. Promise. 

The Classic Gal

Recipe for a classic take on the teddy jacket? I’ve thrown on my favorite Madewell tee, and bandana more times than I can count. Throw those on with a pair of black denim (this flared pair from Abercrombie are SO fun) Okay quick PSA for Abercrombie: their denim game over the past few years has drastically improved. Gone are the days of overbearing moose logos, and here are the days of really fabulous quality denim, for an even more fabulous price. They have sales on the daily, and a lot of the time the denim is buy one, get one half off! Abercrombie’s having a comeback, guys. And I kind of like it.

Top it off with cognac boots, and you’ll be made in shade. Korkease has been a favorite brand of mine for a while, and I’ve purchased a few of their boots over the years. They last forever and the leather is just gorgeous. I picked up this pair during the Nordstrom sale earlier this year and I have lived in these guys. Seriously. I wear them everywhere, and they’re SO comfy, they’ve definitely become my go-to travel shoe this year. 

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The Trendy Gal

Okay, for the gal out there who likes to air on the side of trendy, skip the classic cognac and pair a fun colored booty with this fluffy jacket. I opted for this white pair, which definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but I couldn’t resist! They’re also really affordable, which is key when picking a trendy item that may only last a season or two. One of my best tips? Invest in the pieces you’ll have in your closet forever (classic coats, a killer pair of leather boots) and keep your pennies for those “have-to- have-this-minute” items. 

Pair with my favorite, favorite pair of boyfriend jeans (A&F for the win again! I told you guys they’re having a comeback…) and you’ll be golden. And I don’t say favorite lightly. These guys are pure perfection, super flattering, high waisted, and just the right amount of distressed-ness. Distressed-ness=likely not a word. But you guys get the idea. 

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What are some of your favorite trends this winter? I love, love, love discovering new items on Pinterest, and share even more of my favorite items there! 

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  1. Corretta says:

    love how you styled this teddy coat! It looks so comfy! I love seeing the teddy coat trend on others but not sure if it would work with my style.

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