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Lines I Love: The Shirtdress Edition

April 4, 2017

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When we were on our honeymoon, I had a shirt-dress that was so incredibly comfortable, I wore it every time we hopped a flight/caught a ferry/generally went anywhere. By the end of our honeymoon, Zach and I began to lovingly refer to my beloved garment as “Old Faithful.” It was my go-to-throw-on-still-looks-cute outfit that I literally wore everywhere. Old Faithful was (still is) the best. Henceforth Old Faithful will be known as O.F.

However, I think I may have found a NEW Old Faithful (should I call her New Faithful? N.O.F?) Anyway, O.F. was/is so wonderful because I could throw it on and be out the door without thinking in t-minus two minutes. 

But I’m getting sidetracked, this incredible shirtdress (remember we’re calling her N.O.F) lives up to the name because it is equally wonderfully and equally low maintenance but still earns you extra style points. You could easily pair N.O.F. with OTK boots like I did, or add some fun gladiator sandals for summer time (praying that summer time actually happens sooner than later…) Added bonus: this sweet little number is so, SO soft. It’s like the perfect combination of your cuddliest blanket, your favorite worn in jeans, and softest t-shirt all rolled into one amazing piece. Oh, did I mention it also has pockets?! Sold. 

Don’t mind us, just playing leapfrog in the middle of the street

With all that being said, it’s no wonder N.O.F would be included in my Lines I Love series, because she happens to be from one of my go-to online shops, Rollick! (Sidebar: you can read more about my love for Rollick’s go-to Brunch Tees here and the most comfortable unicorn-esque pants ever, here) This online retailer is owned and operated by sassy Seattle girl-boss Kelly, and I love t0 support fellow female (and local) entrepreneurs! 

This little number is the absolute perfect, low-maintenance staple piece for the girl on the go. Throw it on and you’ll be out the door in no time at all (perfect for the days when you might be running a little late…not that that happens to any of us 😉 ) See what I mean about this being the N.O.F? I can promise you it will be your go to pick every time you look in your closet and think…”I have nothing to wear” Believe me, we’ve all been there.



Come here and let me hold your hand you little cutie pie

Also don’t mind us just being super athletic, trying not to get hit by a truck..

Bretlyn’s top she’s rockin’ is also from Rollick, and made me so smitten, I had to get one for myself for our recent trip to Maui (it’s perfect for the streets and the beach!) You will likely feel like a Grecian goddess when frolicking around in that top. Move over Aphrodite, there’s a new goddess in town! If you haven’t caught on, said goddess is you, while struttin’ your stuff in the Greek on Fleek blouse (potentially the best blouse name of all time).

Wanna get your hands on my N.O.F.? Get it here!  P.S. if you want to complete the look with your N.O.F. in hand, check out some of my favorite OTK boots below. 

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