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Lines I Love: The Comfier than PJ’s Edition

March 19, 2017

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We’ve all had those mornings, you know the ones I mean. The mornings when your alarm goes off and you think to yourself “there’s no way on earth it’s time to wake up, I went to sleep approximately 2.5 minutes ago” Also, likely thinking, is there any alarm sound on the planet that is not the harshest noise of all time? If you find one, please let me know. Unfortunately, when that alarm does go off, it really does mean it’s time to get your sweet cheeks out of bed and into the office. On those days, the days when all you really want to do is stay in your comfiest pajamas all day long, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pair of go-to bottoms that were just as (if not more) comfy than your favorite PJ’s? This is a rhetorical question. The answer is yes (obviously).

Enter the unicorn pants. They’re not actually called unicorn pants, but feel free to take that description as you will. They’re stylish, and feel like butter when you wear them, and to me that is the most unicorn-esque thing of all time. The bottoms that you can absolutely rock in the office, but your little heart will be singing about on the inside because you feel like you’re still in your comfiest sweats.

In the continuation of the Lines I Love series, I’m hitting you with a double dose of love on this one. I’ve previously chatted about my love and adoration for the incredibly sassy and stylish online boutique, Rollick (owned by a badass babe here in the Seattle area). All the pieces you see my beautiful friend (and fellow boss lady) Bretlyn and I wearing in these photos are all from the glory and goodness that is Rollick.

P.S. did I mention the unicorn bottoms happened to be perfect for prancing around your favorite neighborhood in? They are. Grab your bestie and do as the unicorns do…which is prance, apparently.

This chambray shirt was also one of the softest things I’ve ever put on my body (except for Kitty, she holds the crown for softest.) It’s multi-functional and would be super easy to dress up or down. Same goes for the white and navy striped tee, because really can you ever have too many of those? Again, rhetorical question.

I’m a sucker for anything olive green. It’s quite honestly become a bit of an obsession, and Bretlyn’s vest had me turning into the heart eyed emoji. I was imagining 1,000 ways I could style it during our trek through Ballard. Though, her pairing with the Back to Greysics sweater from Rollick was the perfect choice for a casual-chic-effortless-but still look great-look.

P.S. Speaking of obsessions, I’m a bit of a bootie freak. Zach consistently asks me why I need multiple cognac booties, valid question but I don’t know if it’s an obsession I’ll give up anytime soon, either. If you’re in my boat check out some of my favorite spring booties below. Simply click on your faves to check them out!

Curious about the pieces Bretlyn and I are wearing? All of them are available below!

Navy Pants

Striped Tee

Chambray Shirt

Olive Vest

Grey Sweater

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