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Lines I Love: BootayBag

March 8, 2017

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I don’t know about you guys, but my go-to skivvies choice has been Victoria’s Secret 5 for $25 for as long as I can remember (I realize it’s a bit more than this now, but it will always be this in my mind, plus it rhymes. You cant go wrong with rhyming and 5 for $27.50 doesn’t have the same ring to it. Anyway…) I literally never venture outside of this arena. Why fix something that’s not broken? Or so they say. So when I heard about this new company who recently jumped on the monthly subscription box trend to send you some sassy undergarments every month, I felt like I was betraying my beloved VS.

Let me tell you, sometimes the risks are worth the rewards. I’m super excited to continue my Lines I Love series, and chat with you about my new obsession, Bootaybag.

The online company Bootaybag exceeded my expectations. BootayBag is a monthly recurring subscription for all those ladies that want some fun in their mailboxes once a month.  It allows you to cater your preferences to best fit your personal needs. A standard account will be set up on a monthly recurring billing cycle where you will receive two pairs of super cute undies for a flat rate of $12 (free shipping in US). However, you can adjust your account to “bi-monthly” or whatever works best for you. I’m breaking down the three things that made me a huge believer (and subscriber) of this irresistible little bag of goodness. 

1. The Aesthetic 

My first bag arrived after I’d had a heck of a day, and when I went to check the mail (expecting to find only bills…yay adulting!) I was surprised with this adorable bag, which showed up just in time to turn my day around.  I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and Bootaybag nails it. Their simple and clean brown paper packaging is sure to turn any day (or frown…is it lame to say frown?) Oh well, it WILL turn your frown upside down, it definitely did for me.

2. The Fit

Likely the most important part of all of this: the fit. Did this little bundle of joy deliver on the comfiness level? After wearing both of my pairs, I can say wholeheartedly that yes, they absolutely do deliver on the comfort front. When you create your subscription type, you can also select the type and silhouette you prefer (boy shorts, thongs, cheekies) they promise, however, to never send you granny panties ;). These are for the lady in all of us who’s not afraid to branch out. This took me out of my little VS bubble in the best way possible. 

3. Giving Back

This happened to be an added bonus. I’m a huge fan of companies that give back (shoutout to my one true love Warby Parker) and to my pleasant surprise, BootayBag is a philanthropic based company as well, and turns out, it’s incredibly easy to get involved. Want to know how to jump in on the action? Whenever someone posts a picture with the hashtag #undermatters on social media, BootayBag donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation. Their motto and hope is to raise awareness that everyone has their own battle, but that does not mean you have to fight alone! I can definitely get on board with that. 

So, am I a believer? You bet your cute little skivvies I am! While my heart will always live on with VS, it’s not a bad idea to branch out every once in a while, and having this little package arrive in my mail every month has absolutely sold me. Want to jump on this train? You can set up your subscription here.

Speaking of subscription services, which have become SO huge, do you have any favorites? What else should I try? Let me know here, or share with me over on Instagram (@thelyonbadger) using #CurateThatMoment!




*I worked in collaboration with Bootaybag for this post, all opinions are my own.

The comments +

  1. Molly says:

    This sounds so great, it would be fun to get in the mail every month!

  2. Andrea Broom says:

    I really like your blog set up and this is such a cool subscription box, love the idea of getting undies delivered to my door. This is pretty awesome.

  3. Dana says:

    I love this idea – and how they give back!

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