Introducing: The Coffee Shop Bucket List featuring General Porpoise
Instagrammable Seattle Coffee Shop
Introducing: The Coffee Shop Bucket List featuring General Porpoise

April 1, 2017

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The Ultimate Seattle Coffee Shop Bucket List, Instagrammable Seattle Coffee Shop

Seattle is known for many things, some of them are not so great (read: the notion that it rains all the time). Some of them, on the other hand, are fabulous. The Seahawks (a little football team you may have heard of) Microsoft, Amazon, #WaWine and of course, Starbucks. Not that I have anything against my beloved Starbucks (it can definitely be given a huge kudos for bringing a massive coffee culture to the PNW) but there are so many local coffee shops in the Seattle area that are absolutely swoon-worthy. One my my favorite things to do during our beloved weekends is discover new coffee shops, and I’m hoping this new series will bring a daily dose of inspiration, and caffeine, to my fellow java loving residents of the Emerald City.

With all that being said, I’m SO excited to begin a new series here on The Curated Collective: The Coffee Shop Bucket List. This list will highlight the latest and greatest in the Seattle coffee scene. You’ll find out which place has the best bites to go with your brew, which is the best place to work remotely, and which java actually takes the cake for best buzz in the city. So much to come! 

I’m gonna be real here. You’re not a true Seattleite unless the first thing you think of when you wake up every morning is a steaming cup of coffee, and those were the exact thoughts Zach and I had before we made our way to the sweet little spot in Capitol Hill known as General Porpoise. I realize that this is a “Coffee Shop” list, and I’m already breaking my own rules because this place is actually known for something else.  But that’s what rules were made for, right? To be broken. Since I made this list, I suppose I can break my own rules and this place is just too sinfully delicious to not be mentioned. General Porpoise definitely serves up various local and delicious coffee roasters, but it’s better known for one thing: doughnuts. 

Not just any doughnuts, either. These puffy, flaky pastries are all filled with the most decadent housemade custards and creams your tastebuds will every have the joy of experiencing. These little bites of heaven at General Porpoise are made with fresh eggs from La Ferme des Anes chickens and are filled with seasonal jams, jellies, curds, custards, and creams. Expect classic flavors like vanilla custard or berries and cream, as well as new favorites, like peanut butter and jelly, roasted lemon curd, apple butter, and chocolate marshmallow. While all are absolutely incredible, the vanilla custard is actually life changing. Plus, calories don’t count on the weekend so you’re fine. Indulge. Treat yourself. You do you, girl. No one’s judging you here!

Um, sure. Okay. Yep. I’ll be dreaming about those bad boys for a loooong time. General Porpoise is also a must-see as it’s run by Seattle lady-boss Renee Erickson (who also runs places like Bar Melusine next door, The Whale Wins, and The Walrus & The Carpenter). Not only is the menu here fresh and full of goodness, but the interior is absolutely swoon-worthy. From the white-washed walls, to the hot pink espresso maker, the cutest branding you ever did see, and marble countertops that will haunt your dreams, this place is about as lovely as it gets folks. 


Ready to take a tour? I thought you’d never ask…

General Porpoise is neighbors to Bateau and Bar Melusine, both equally lovely places also run by Renee Erickson

That hot pink espresso maker? Swoon…

As someone who works in the Marketing & PR world by day, I love me some good branding, and General Porpoise hits the nail on the head with their adorable logo

BRB dreaming about these puff filled pastries forever

If there’s anything I *might* enjoy more than coffee and doughnuts, it’s the comeback of a solid trend. Which is why I was over the moon, bend-over-backwards ecstatic when flared jeans made the ultimate comeback recently. I am just so damn excited that flared pants are back. FLARES FOREVER. Why did we ever let this beloved silhouette out of our lives? Not that I don’t love myself a good pair of skinnies, and the obsession with boyfriend jeans is so real, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for this particular style. 

Speaking of comebacks, when I came across this flattering pair online, I couldn’t actually believe my eyes when I saw where they were from. Are you ready for it? Abercombie and Fitch, my dear. SAY WHAT. I felt like I was transported back to my early teenage years, but A&F has seriously upgraded their style game. Sidebar: they’ve also removed all of the semi-obnoxious logos. Talk about a comeback! Want to know an even better part? This pair is LESS THAN $25! You heard that right. Less than $25 for a pair of jeans you’ll live in? I can give an Amen to that, sister! 

Another reason I happen to love these: they’re long enough to wear with booties/heels/wedges/whatever your sweet heart desires. This is perfect if you happen to be on the taller side (like me) and hate it when your pants just don’t quite reach the ground when you put on that perfect pair of booties. They’re also high-waisted, another come-back trend that I’ve absolutely been on board with since it arrived. Can we all agree that the super-low rise pants of the past should never come back? Great, glad we’re on the same page with that one 🙂 

If you need a pair of flares in your life as much as I did, you can shop my exact pair here for a steal!

 You can  shop similar looks below, and my exact jeans are available here!

P.S. the sunnies I’m wearing in all of these photos are Karen Walker dupes (I’ve gushed about them previously) and you can get them on Amazon here for LESS THAN $10. Y’all know I’m all about a good bargain, and that one is just way too good to pass up!

Coffee, doughnuts, and the flared jeans your dreams are made of? Talk about a solid day. If you’re from the Seattle area (or anywhere!) let me know about your favorite coffee shop, I’d love to add it to my bucket list!

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