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How to travel in 2020
How to Travel in 2020

August 4, 2020

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Right now, we’re all feeling a little bit of an unscratchable travel itch. Raise your hand if you’ve posted a nostalgic #tbt on Instagram, wistfully remembering the days when we could freely travel? Le sigh…we’ve definitely done it ourselves. For seasoned travelers out there, this could be a gnawing ache leaving us wondering how to travel in 2020. While international travel may be on pause for the foreseeable future, the travel restrictions open up a world of opportunity to create a foreign experience in your own space and create completely new ways to travel in 2020. 

Even if you don’t like to get crafty, you can still get creative. Crockpot some halua pork and have a Hawaiian luau. Get your best beer stein out and have an early Oktoberfest on your dining table. Whatever you have a taste for, this extra time we have in quarantine can be devoted to bringing it to life. 

It’s unclear exactly when we’ll get to book international flights again. Whether you want a chill getaway or a true adventure trip, have a look through some of our tips to help you mimic the vacation vibes.

Embrace Armchair Travel

You don’t need VR goggles to create an immersive experience. Setting yourself up for a night (or weekend) of armchair travel involves nothing but getting comfy and choosing a dream destination. 

A few simple clicks through YouTube you’ll find yourself a library of cultural facts and glamor shots of…well, just about anywhere! Senior centers have been exploring the world like this for years, so there’s no shortage of quality destination content available. 

Sure, it’s not exactly the same as hand-feeding flamingos in Aruba, but it does help satiate that thirst for the exotic, all without having to pack a thing. 

Imbibe in Culturally Themed Dinners

If Anthony Bourdain taught us anything, it’s that food is a major part of traveling. Confined as you may be, you can still transform dinner into an exotic retreat any night of the week. All you need to do is prepare a meal of pasta, fish tacos, or even a sizzling tagine, and set the mood! 

Pull out the tapas and enjoy a Spanish evening in your own backyard. Or break out the mediterranean mezze platters and enjoy a greek style feast.

Plus, this helps to introduce new tastes into your essential home-cooking repertoire. Because let’s be honest, after half a year of quarantine, we could all use a culinary mix up now and again!

Dress the Part

The beauty of being home is that what you wear is totally up to you. Swap your sweats for your vacation wardrobe and set the scene! We know, we know. 2020 has been the year of athleisure, but swap out your joggers for a pair of linen pants and escape to the deck or patio, and pour yourself a glass of crisp rosé. Et voila! You’re suddenly in the south of France.

There’s plenty of ways this can take shape. Don’t know where to start? Try slipping into your swimsuit and kick back with a book in front of a stunning sunset screensaver. Boom, beach vibes in no time. 

Maybe you’ve been yearning to twirl all night in your new dress. Go ahead, slip it on, let the mariachi band play and, perhaps, let the margaritas flow.

Wherever your heart wants to go, the right ensemble can help to transport you there. 

Zen Out at a Yoga Retreat

If 2020 isn’t a year that requires some good self-care, we don’t know what is. A solid yoga session can really give you a sense of renewal while you’re quarantined at home. Schedule some time to disconnect from all your devices and explore what’s inward.

Nature sounds, like rain or ocean waves, really help to add the zen. If you love whale songs, go for it. This activity also pairs well with fairy lights. 

If you’re feeling particularly drawn to nature, turn on Planet Earth and leave it on silent while you run through a yoga sequence.

You might surprise yourself where you end up. If you have tips on how to travel in 2020, we’d love to hear them!