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Community Over Competition: Why Girls Really Can Run The World

September 6, 2017

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When Beyonce comes on singing about how girls run the world–it’s impossible to not agree with her. The phrase #CommunityOverCompetition is something that is thrown around the blogosphere quite frequently, but is it something that we’re all actually practicing? Community over competition is something we should all be practicing, but is it? 

It’s so easy to get lost in the “Instagram hole”. You know the one I mean. Where you start mindlessly scrolling, and the next thing you know you’re comparing yourself to some stranger on the internet you’ve never met. Can I get an amen if you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “wow, if only my body looked like hers” or “her hair is so much better than mine” or “man, I wish I got engagement numbers like she did.” Then let me tell ya, we’ve all been there. But it’s time to take a step back and remember that instead of comparing yourself, support these ladies in their endeavors!

I have built a bit of a “social media” community if you will, and it’s be incredible to see the support every one of these incredible gals has for one another. It’s a crew full of designers, bloggers, fashionistas, business boss ladies, teachers, and shop owners. When we choose to support one another, with the opportunity that we all have in today’s digital age to truly be a #femalepreneur (most of us doing it as a side hustle) why not embrace that? Encourage your fellow ladies to chase their dreams, and I can guarantee you that support will come back in full force.

To all the ladies out there: when we come together to support one another in the pursuit of breaking down barriers, busting through glass ceilings, and writing our own stories, there is truly nothing that we can’t accomplish. 

Which is why I’m so excited to be partnering with a fellow female who’s hustlin’ out there everyday to make her dreams come true, the lovely Kelly of Rollick. Kelly (@shoprollick) is hilarious, genuine, kind hearted, and one hell of a hard worker. Her shop is full of pun-worthy, stylish, and totally on trend pieces. If you haven’t check Rollick out—I highly suggest you head that way! We’re partnering to give one of you badass babes the Girls Support Girls T-Shirt I’m rockin’ here. Head on over to my Instagram (@thelyonbadger) for full details about how to enter.

Cheers to all you ladies out there chasin’ your dreams. Don’t be afraid to just go for it. Don’t be afraid of what people think. If it brings you happiness, joy, and fulfillment–embrace that. Own it. When you’ve got that motivation, a community of support behind you, and a whole lot of passion, nothing can stand in your way. And remember, I got your back girl. Cheers to embracing Community over Competition this year!

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