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The Coffee Shop Bucket List: Austin Edition

June 10, 2017

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Remember when I talked about breaking the rules? Turns out I’m doing that again. But if there’s one place to break the rules for, this is it. This edition of The Coffee Shop Bucket List is straying from my beloved city of Seattle into the charmingly-quirky city of Austin. Turns out lots of cities do caffeine well, and I’m not one to discriminate. It’s research, after all, right? Right.

Just as I was searching for the perfect place to get my next java-induced buzz, the most perfectly precious coffee shop popped up on my radar. Enter: Bribery Bakery. This adorable coffee shop and bakery is what your caffeinated dreams are made of. Do you guys remember the board game Candy Land? Of course you do, how could one not remember such a magical treat of a board game. Well, if Candy Land was actually a real place (one can only dream…) this place would without a doubt be that in real life. From the swoon-worthy wall paper, to the marble countertops, the tan leather seats and yellow bar stools, this place is feminine beyond belief and the perfect place to go when you need that extra dose of creative inspiration.

Every inch of this dreamlike locale is more adorable than the last, your eyes won’t be able to stop scanning the stunningly beautiful interior (good luck choosing a place to sit!). It was painful to tear myself away from this gorgeous place. Bribery Bakery definitely knows how to get your caffeine buzz on like no other (don’t pass up on the cold brew), but they also specialize in the most decadent desserts your eyes will ever gaze upon. From cinnamon rolls the size of your face, to macarons that are almost to pretty to eat, Bribery has anything you could possibly want.

Added bonus? Bribery recently implemented a cocktail and wine list. Meaning now not only can you go hear for a caffeine jolt, but you can also enjoy the mystique that is Bribery while sipping on sparkling rosé or your favorite craft cocktail, all while enjoying a homemade pop-tart. Okay. Sure. That just sounds absolutely to-die-for. Plus, instead of your normal salt and pepper shakers, Bribery’s shakers are filled with sprinkles. SPRINKLES! I mean come on folks, you can’t get more adult Candy Land than that. With locations in both the Mueller and Wells Branch neighborhoods of Austin, this little slice of sugar-filled-paradise is accessible no matter where you’re at in the city.

Bribery will also welcome you with a sign that encourages you to Eat Dessert First. Who am I to disagree with such sound advice? Is your sweet-tooth aching for more yet? Thought so. Let’s explore this fabulously feminine shop, shall we?

You can sign me up for any place that encourages you to eat dessert first, life’s too short not to!

Swoon-worthy sprinkle filled sugar shakers on the most magical marble tabletops 

While we’re on the topic of all things feminine and lovely, it’s about time we addressed the neckerchief trend that is popping up everywhere these days. While this is definitely making a comeback into the younger generation, neck scarves have actually been around for ages! I guarantee you’ll find some fabulous silk square scarves hiding in your grandmother’s closet. This particular accessory is both incredibly versatile and super easy to add to any outfit to spice it up. These gorgeous pieces are usually incredibly light-weight, so they won’t make you too warm during the summer months. Whether you’re totally on board with the neckerchief trend, or are a bit too nervous to try it out, let me tell you, just do it girl! I guarantee when you throw it on you’ll feel 10 times chicer than that necklace you were contemplating.

The beauty of this silky little number is that you can throw it on with anything. V-neck and skinnies? Check. Shift dress? Double check. Tank and high-waisted shorts? Triple check. It felt a bit like fate I happened to be wearing this pink version as I headed into the most feminine space in Austin. It felt even better knowing that the pink scarf I’m wearing below was less than $5! You heard that right, less than the cost of that movie you rented on Amazon Prime last night, for an addition to your wardrobe you’ll be able to add to just about any outfit.

Shop my exact look below, and please take my wallet away so I don’t buy all the neckerchiefs available on the internet right now…

Shop my look below, including my exact scarf that is available for less than $5! That’s less than the price of your morning latte, my dear! Turns out you don’t have to empty your wallet to add a touch of chic to your wardrobe!

Madewell Transport Tote
FOREVER 21+ Paisley Print Satin Bandana
V-Neck Shift Dress • Saks Fifth Avenue
Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora 
Cluse La Boheme Mesh Rose Gold Watch 
Steve Madden Caitlyn Tan Suede Cork Wedge Sandals

Austin was so beyond lovely and I can’t wait to go back again to explore all that this city has to offer! If you’re from the Austin area, what are some of your favorite spots to visit? Share with me below, or #CurateThatMoment with me over on Instagram (@thelyonbadger)!

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