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best coffee shops in barcelona

When we moved to Europe, wanna know one of the first things I found myself looking for when we landed? The best coffee shops in Barcelona! Because caffeine = life. Especially when you’re workin’ fully remotely, it’s definitely a good reprieve to get out of your home office. Heading to some of the absolute best coffee […]

Welcome to the new (and improved!) Curated Collective, friends! Not only is today the launch of a brand new redesign of this internet home of mine but we also have a big announcement to make today! Because you know, go big or go home as they say… I LEGIT CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT TO WRITE […]

I’ve been beyond excited to write this post for some time now. So why haven’t I done it yet? The city we’re about to dive into is filled to the brim with intrigue, vibrancy, culture, and color. There is just something about this place that makes you feel so alive, and so appreciate to just […]

What to do in San Sebastian, The San Sebastian Guide

If you’ve been following along with me for the past few months, you know that earlier this summer, Zach and I had the opportunity to travel to Europe to explore a place neither of us had ever been-Spain! If you are an avid reader here (thank you, by the way!)  you know that the reason […]

Running with the bulls, the guide to run with the bulls, how to run with the bulls, running with the bulls, san fermin festival

Man oh man have I been incredibly excited to write about this experience. If you’ve been following along with me over on Instagram, you’ll know that Zach and I recently returned from a two-week Eurotour that centered around the infamous San Fermin Festival in Spain. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me back track […]

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