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I’ve been dying to write this post for quite a while now, and am so excited to finally share the magic and goodness that was this wedding which can only be described as dreamy. These two are actually off on their blissful honeymoon in Belize, so perhaps they can relive this day while they’re sunning […]

This time of year is so rejuvenating for so many reasons. As the holiday season is winding down, it always serves as the perfect opportunity to start anew. New years bring with them new possibilities, new goals, new ideas, new perspective and most of all: new motivation to make it all happen. For the past […]

The Ultimate Fall Movie List, Best Fall Movies, Best Movies to Watch in the Fall

Now that summer is officially gone (RIP Summer 2017, you were the bees knees), many days and evenings are now (guilt-free) spent indoors. What does that mean for you? It means you can now shamelessly binge your favorite fall movies. I say fall, because they’re definitely not all Halloween related flicks. While you might find […]

Picnic in the Park Perhaps my favorite fall date idea, (because I’m clearly obsessed with picnicking always and forever) is to gather up your bites and refreshments and take them out for incredibly inexpensive date night. My suggestion? Go get that special cheese, you know the kind I’m talking about. From the fancy section of […]

This summer was one that I will remember forever. Before it even started, I knew it was going to be a big one. Why is that you ask? Well, I’m so glad you did. This summer happened to be a time when BOTH of my best friends were tying the knot. What are the odds […]

I have been searching for the perfect black leather skirt for quite a while now. One that’s not too short, not too tight, and one that wasn’t going to cost me an entire paycheck to buy. I’ve scoured the interwebs to bring you  the black leather skirt of your dreams that won’t break the bank! […]

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