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Figuring out how to stay focused AND productive is something I think many of us have struggled with since the dawn of time. Okay, maybe not that long but you get it. And now that many of us are working from home during the state the world is in, I thought I’d pass along the […]

This year was one of many firsts for both myself and Zach, and it’s wild to think about where this year started, and where we’re ending the year! I’m not gonna lie, I started 2018 in not the best place. I was stuck creatively, feeling somewhat lost as to how to grow my online brand […]

How to stay balanced in your life and business

“How do I stay balanced….?” “Is work life balance a real thing…?” These are questions I’ve asked myself over and over again over the years, and I’ve always found the illustrious word known as “balance” as somewhat of a unicorn concept.  We all have different buckets of priorities in life that we need to fill […]

Next week I enter the last year of my 20’s, and I’m simultaneously going back and forth wondering where on earth the last nine years went, and also realizing I feel like I’m a completely different person than I did when I was entering my 20’s. This has been a decade full of incredibly high-high’s […]

It’s hard to believe I’m already reflecting on what we’ve learned in two years of marriage. And believe me, it’s definitely been more than two things, but for the sake of not writing a novel, let’s keep it at two 😉 By no means are we experts by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m […]

Do you have a Valentine’s Day Date Night tradition? Or are you more a stay in and get cozy kind of couple? As much as I love discovering new restaraunts and neighborhood haunts, I’m a homebody at heart and sometimes holidays like Valentine’s Day can be even more memorable when spent at home with the […]

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