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startup founder

Let me preface this by saying, I’m by no means an expert in this arena, and I won’t pretend to be. But as an early stage startup founder, the thing that I’ve found during this stage, is that you read a lot about other founders experiences. Their sage advice and charming anecdotes range from epic unicorn-esque wins, […]

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Figuring out how to stay focused AND productive is something I think many of us have struggled with since the dawn of time. Okay, maybe not that long but you get it. And now that many of us are working from home during the state the world is in, I thought I’d pass along the […]

daily planner template

Ohhh, Instagram. You fickle beast, you. It seems everyday we’re dealin’ with a new algorithm, new rules, pretty much new everything. Which is why today I’m sharing the ultimate list of my must have Instagram apps you need to help you ease your Insta woes! These have seriously upped my game, and I hope they […]

How to become a digital nomad, and where to find jobs as a digital nomad.

Now that I’ve really settled into the the remote working lifestyle, I wanted to break down exactly how I got here. It’s definitely something you guys ask about the most, and I’m so excited to be sharing how I transitioned from full time in my 9-5, into becoming completely location independent in a business I […]

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In July of last year Zach and I moved from our home in Seattle to Barcelona with pretty lofty dreams about the future. You can read more about what prompted our move right here. In a nutshell, Zach & I always had dreams of moving abroad, and had put in what felt like an eternity […]

How to stand out and grow on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is something I have a love hate relationship with. Can I get an AMEN from you if you feel the same over there? Yeahhh, I have a feelin’ your shouting AMEN at your computer screen right now, am I right? Instagram is by far the most actively used and utilized social media platform out […]

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