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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Part 1

October 19, 2017

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This summer was one that I will remember forever. Before it even started, I knew it was going to be a big one. Why is that you ask? Well, I’m so glad you did. This summer happened to be a time when BOTH of my best friends were tying the knot. What are the odds of that?! To make it even more celebration-worthy, my brother also happened to be walking down the aisle this summer. Man, it was one that I won’t forget…ever. Endless amounts of champagne, beautiful dresses, sunshine, and dancing. So. Much. Dancing. It was what wedding dreams were made of. And I apologize in advance, because this will likely be an incredibly long post—if you make it through the whole thing you get a gold star and a digital high-five. Go you. You’re just the best.

But back to my beautiful best friend, Kass. Kass and I have been friends since I was in 7th grade and she invited me to my first boy girl party, ever. I like to remind her of this constantly, because at the time I thought it was incredibly cool. In reality it was likely incredibly awkward, uncomfortable and I probably didn’t actually talk to a boy the entire evening, but hey, middle school is awkward. So there ya go. Kass, Cally (my other bridal bestie—more on her insanely gorgeous wedding soon!) became inseparable in high school. Couldn’t go anywhere without each other inseparable. They were (and have been every day since) a true example of what friendship is. We referred to each other (likely to everyone’s annoyance) as the Tripod. Fast forward ten years, and the three of us are all engaged, and serving as each other’s MOH’s. WHAT?! How did that happen? I’m not sure how the stars aligned to make this such an incredible year for us, but I’m so happy that it did. Sidebar: it did end up resulting in an incredibly memorable duo-bachelorette party! You can read all about that here.  Also, another sidebar, the three of us now refer to each other as the Wifepod. Also likely equally ridiculous, but hey, at this point we’ve just embraced it. Despite living in different cities and states since we’ve graduated high school nearly ten years ago (also…what?!) we have remained a constant part of each other’s lives and I’m so dang grateful for my irreplaceable sister friends. 

Remember what I said about this post being long? Yeah, it is. So back to it because the tangents are becoming very real. But I can’t help it. I just love these girls so much and I could go on and on and on. But I’m not the only one who loves them, because Kass’s now husband (!!) also saw what we all see in her: a hugely kind and loving heart, someone as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and someone who will be there for you no matter what—and he fell instantly in love. Can’t blame him, we’ve all fallen in love with how amazing this beautiful friend of ours is too. Adam is a perfect unicorn and couldn’t be a more ideal match for Kass. Actual perfection. Kass and Adam live together in Montana, and MY LORD Montana is insanely beautiful. Like, the definition of God’s Country. Driving from the airport to the venue was so serenely beautiful. Then the venue—my gosh! It was absolute perfection. Kass and Adam tied the knot at the 320 Guest Ranch in Montana, and it seriously felt like we were at adult summer camp in the best way possible. Everyone got to stay on the property in individual cabins that were close enough together that it felt like a giant sleepover. It was amazing, and SO convenient, particularly after the most incredible rehearsal dinner, ever.

Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s get the actual wedding weekend itself.

First We Rehearsed

So, Adam is southern, and this was the first “southern” wedding I’d ever been to, but if all southern weddings are anything like this, you can count me in for any and all of them. Currently accepting invitations for all southern weddings. I’ve never been to a rehearsal dinner like this in my life, and it was incredible! After the actual rehearsal itself, we all loaded up on an old school bus at the venue (celebratory drinks in hand) and drove over to the venue together. This was SO much fun, and allowed us all to get in a bit of quality time before the dinner itself. The majority of the speeches were given this evening, which I thought was such a smart idea. It takes a bit of pressure of the speech givers and frees up the timeline a bit for the next day. 

One of the best parts about their incredible rehearsal dinner was the venue itself. Now, again, the Big Sky area where they were planning their wedding is absolutely gorgeous, and the restaurant that we held the dinner at can only be described as dreamy. From eating right down by the river, to swinging on actual swings at the bar later in the evening, it was absolute perfection. After the shenanigans of the evening, we all jumped onto the school busses back to our adult summer camp (essentially the best version of a camp there could possibly be). After an epic bonfire, and celebrations that no one wanted to end, we all went back to our cabins to get some sleep before the big day. 

Then We Prepped

The morning of the wedding, while our beautiful bride was getting her beauty sleep in her gorgeous bridal chalet, us bridesmaids went in full on prep mode! We popped champagne, set out the munchies (don’t forget to bring and EAT food on this day–it’s so vital to eat something!) and got everything ready so our bride could relax as much as possible. Getting ready is almost always one of my favorite parts of the wedding day, it’s such a special time to spend together before the real chaos of the day begins. You can read all about everything you need to get ready on your wedding day, here!  

My favorite part of this day was giving Kass a gift that the bridesmaids had come together to make for her. A few weeks before the wedding, we had all of Kass’s bridesmaids, along with her mama, send us a short video. In the video, we asked all the girls to be in their “natural” environment, and send Kass their best wishes in their own way. From messages in pharmacies, to messages while wine was being consumed, and well wishes on the golf course, all of the messages came together perfectly. We stitched them all together so Kass could watch them while she was getting ready, and it was one of my favorite moments. This girl is SO loved, and had people from so many stages of her life that were there for her. This was also such a fun time to spend moments with Kass’s friends from other stages of her life, from college to her life in Montana. She has so many people who love and support her, and that makes my heart so happy.

Kass’s mom, sister, Cally, and I then helped her into her absolutely stunning dress, and zipped up our girl to go meet her prince charming. She looked beyond perfect. I mean that HAIR?! It was STUN-ING. I mean I wanted to marry her at that point. Adam is a lucky man! It was the best morning, for the best friend, we could have ever imagined. 

Then They Said I Do

The ceremony for Kass and Adam’s nuptials couldn’t have been more picturesque if you dreamt it up. With the Montana mountains in the background, the river rushing to the side of us, and the gorgeous sunshine shining down, you would think it couldn’t get any better. BUT THEN IT DID. Because right as the bridal party was making it’s way down the aisle, a team of horses was released at the end of the field you see below, and were running throughout nature during the ceremony. It was majestic, and magical, and romantic, and absolutely amazing. I think I potentially cried throughout the entire ceremony (which was caught on camera below…) but, it really was that sweetly touching. It’s a truly special thing to see someone who is so near and dear to you walking down the aisle to seal her forever happiness. The emotions were overwhelming. May or may not even be tearing up as I’m writing this…

Anyway, after these two crazy kids said I do, it was time for the best time of the entire day. Time to CELEBRATE! 

Then We Celebrated

This wedding was not only at the most gorgeous natural setting you could think of, but our bride absolutely killed it with the decor of this epic celebration. Kass went for a boho theme, and can I just say? She nailed it. From the bouquets made of feathers, to the embellished maxi dresses, natural elements of greenery instead of flowers, and patterned table runners, she knocked it out of the park. Every beautiful detail was so thought out, and came together seamlessly. It made for the perfect setting to dance the night away all evening long. And man, did we dance all evening long! I don’t think we stepped off the dance floor once, and it was a night, and day, I won’t ever forget. 

So to my dear friend Kass and your new husband Adam, your wedding day was everything you could have imagined and more, and it was an absolute honor to be a part of this special time. It will be hard to top the incredible year (s) that we’ve had, but I know life will continue to smile on you two. I can’t wait to see what the next years, and decades, of our lives hold! Love, love, love to you always. 


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