The Best Accessory You Never Wanted: Where to Get My Favorite Frames

October 18, 2017

I was one of those people who never needed glasses. I always seemed to end up with 20/20 vision in my eye tests (and was very proud of this) until one day while I was sitting in class during my senior year of college (in the back…) and I couldn’t read the Powerpoint presentation. It was blurry. WTF was happening? I asked my friend next to me if they could read it, thinking it was clearly and issue in the presentation itself, turns out: it wasn’t it was me. 

Fast forward about a year later, and I’m still in denial that I need glasses. Then one night, I’m driving home in the dark and I realize that I can’t actually read the exit signs around me. Finally, I admit to myself it’s time to bite the bullet and get my eyes checked. Turns out: 100% needed glasses.  Fast forward five years later, and I still have a slight terror about putting contacts in my eyes and have stuck with frames ever since. Luckily for me (and you!) in the last five years there have been some pretty rad companies that have come on board that are designing super stylish frames. I’m sharing a few of my favorite companies with you so you can turn the accessory you never wanted, into the accessory you now can’t live without. So stylish in fact, that I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve been asked if I actually need glasses, or I’m just wearing them for fun (insert eye rolling emoji here…) Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll actually be able to put contacts in. Not holding my breath on that one. 

If you’re in the market for some fabulous frames, don’t worry girl, I got you covered. First up…


Warby Parker was how I first dipped my toes into the world of stylish eyewear. What attracted to me about these guys originally was that you can order online, have five pairs sent straight to your house, and try on all five frames for a week to see which you like best. You send them all back, and just include which ones you want to keep. It’s incredibly easy, super convenient for consumers (hellllo not even having to leave your house!) and the best part? For every pair of frames sold, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone who doesn’t have access to prescription eyewear. In fact, they’ve donated over 3 million pairs through their Buy A Pair, Give A Pair program. How badass is that? I’m definitely on board. Not only due they have great regular frames, but they’re sunglasses are just as (if not even more) adorable.

Luckily for any of you readers who happen to be in Seattle, they have storefronts in Fremont, UW, and (soon to be) Capitol Hill. Just in case you can’t wait to try your frames on. Extra bonus points for WP? They have insanely great customer service. Go Warby Parker, you guys are keepin’ it real by keeping your customers first. Mucho appreciated from this consumers point of view. Shop a few of my favorites below!


click any image to shop directly!




I stumbled onto  Eye Buy Direct about a year ago and…I. AM. OBSESSED. This company has INSANELY good deals on glasses. Like, hard to believe it’s real good deals. For instance: the pink pair I’m wearing below are SIX DOLLARS. You read that correctly, six buckaroos for a pair of prescription glasses. This site has become such a fun way to really turn glasses into actual accessories, while not feeling guilty for ordering multiple pairs! Also, you won’t feel guilty in case you happen to lose a pair, because they’re so fiscally friendly (not that that’s ever happened to me…)

Extra bonus points for Eye Buy Direct: they almost always have BOGO sales, making their smokin’ deals, even better. Shop some of my favorites below! Who knows, maybe you need to treat yo’ self to a pair of pink frames. And at $6 buckaroos, they’re pretty much as expensive as your morning coffee. Welcome to your newest addiction. 


listed in order, click the below links to shop!

Portrait Black Tortoise Glasses

Notting Hill Tortoise Glasses

Watermelon Light Pink Glasses

Sequence Tortoise Glasses

Atmosphere Glasses

Aura Champagne Glasses



Click any image to shop directly!

This post isn’t sponsored by either company, I’m honestly just obsessed with both of them and can’t seem to get enough and feel the need to share with the world! Do you wear glasses? Where are your favorite places to buy frames? Share with me in the comments, or come hang with me over on Instagram (@thelyonbadger)!

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