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7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Cozy Lovers

February 13, 2018

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Do you have a Valentine’s Day Date Night tradition? Or are you more a stay in and get cozy kind of couple? As much as I love discovering new restaraunts and neighborhood haunts, I’m a homebody at heart and sometimes holidays like Valentine’s Day can be even more memorable when spent at home with the one you love most. 

So in case you’re just like me, I’m sharing some of my favorite Date Nights In, perfect to celebrate this Valentine’s Day without leaving the warm coziness of your own home. Pajamas highly encouraged. 

Travel Around the World

Yes, I know this seems silly, nay..impossible. Travel around the world? The title of the post is “7 Date Nights IN, Steph.” Why yes, yes it is. But stick with me. You can travel anywhere in the world from the comfort of your living room, with a little imagination. For this date night in, pick your favorite movie set in a far off land, and order (or make, if you’re feelin’ fancy) cuisine from the land depicted in the movie! Think “Under the Tuscan Sun” while nibbling on decadent Italian food, or “Midnight in Paris” while munching on baguettes and the most delicious cheese out there. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, pop in “Eat, Pray, Love” and enjoy nibbles inspired by India, Bali AND Italy. There’s no judgement on Valentine’s Day. 

Host a Tasting for Two

Put your tastebuds to the test and host a tasting for two from the coziness of your own home. Use your creative juices here to taste your favorite treat. Maybe it’s a wine tasting, comparing different vintages of your favorite producer. Or a beer tasting of a plethora of pilsners from your local brewers. Or, a cheese tasting to sample the myriad of choices available out there. Or pair them up! Discover which of your favorite bites pair with your beverages of choice. 

Build a Fort

Speaking from someone who is a big supporter of the #AdultFort, this one is at the very top of my list. Zach and I did this last year for New Year’s Eve, and it would work just as splendidly for Valentine’s Day, and is actually so much dang fun. Bring in your chairs or stools, utilize your couch, table, anything your heart desires. Drape those fluffy blankets everywhere, bring in your comforter (and maybe any Christmas lights you still have lying around for ambiance), pop in your favorite movie, and maybe your new favorite bottle of wine that you just discovered in your tasting, and enjoy feeling of being young at heart for the evening.

At Home Spa

So much YES to this one. Skip spending hundreds at the spa and pamper yourselves from home this year. Bust out all the relaxing candles, the fluffy robes, the slippers, the facemasks (yes…for him too!). Added bonus: you likely have a free masseuse sitting right next to you. Free massage AND spa treatment? Sign me up, thanks! 

Relax by a Fireside Picnic

Turn on your favorite Spotify station (or create a new one!) pack up a picnic (all the way from the kitchen) and plop down in front of that fire and relax. Pull the pillows from the couch, the fluffiest blankets you own, and you won’t want to leave this spot for a verrrry long time. Bonus points if you bring your favorite board game into the mix and turn this picnic into a game night for two.

Take a Cooking Class from Home

One of the incredible things about living in today’s technology filled world: you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a fancy cooking class! Search the interwebs an YouTube for a recipe you two have been wanting to try, and become your own master chefs! Even if it doesn’t turn out as delicious as you expect, it will undoubtedly make for an entertaining evening. But I have faith in you. Your dish will be AMAZING. Just like you.

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed Together

Okay, so this one technically isn’t date “night” but I think it still counts. Mornings are hectic. Take some time to set aside for one another before the day even starts to enjoy your favorite breakfast together in bed. Extra chance to sip your morning coffee together. Extra chance to get those snuggly morning cuddles in. PLUS. You’re likely going to be making major bonus points for waking your honey up this way in the mornin’.

Bonus: Have a Phone Free Evening

This one is so important and something we all (present company included) need to be reminded of. Shake on it at the beginning of the evening that you will give your undivided attention to one another. Emails, calls, and social media can wait. Enjoy this moment that you’re in, and soak up all the quality time you have with your Valentine.

I absolutely love finding new ways to spend cozy nights in, and am always looking for new ones! What are some of your favorite “date nights in?” Share with me below, or come say hi over on Instagram!