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How to stay balanced in your life and business
4 Tips to Stay Balanced in Your Life & Biz in the New Year

December 23, 2018

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“How do I stay balanced….?”

“Is work life balance a real thing…?”

How to stay balanced in your life and business

These are questions I’ve asked myself over and over again over the years, and I’ve always found the illustrious word known as “balance” as somewhat of a unicorn concept. 

We all have different buckets of priorities in life that we need to fill right on up in order to stay balanced. They of course vary for all of us, but in general they fall into family, friends, work, self, and things that bring you joy. Again, these of course are different for everyone but in general, we all have those buckets we need to be filled in order to feel balanced.

Sometimes, one bucket is overflowing, and another is completely dry. In those moments, I feel myself feeling exhausted, overworked, and generally just super unbalanced. If you’re like me and have felt this too, I’m sharing some tricks that have helped me a bit over the past few months! 

So let’s make that unicorn concept of balance a reality this year, shall we? 

Prioritize me time

This goes so far beyond self care. Those buckets we talked about earlier won’t ever get full, if you’re not taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish–it’s essential, girl! If you’re not taking car eof yourself, all of those other buckets might as well be dumped down the gutter. 

If you’re anything like me, this is one of the first things to go when you get busy. I get it, between work, a social life, your relationship, kids and family, finding time to take care of you can seem impossible.

I discovered a trick that helps me quite a bit! I physically write down (or jot it in my calendar) an appointment with myself, that can’t be canceled. Schedule an hour every single day to do things that bring you JOY. If it’s actually written down, you’re so much more likely to actually make it happen!

So what are you waiting for, boo? Time to make a date with yourself (and you don’t want to cancel on you, right?)

Eliminate negative habits

We’ve all been there, when we’re mindlessly scrolling Instagram for what seems like a few minutes, and suddenly an hour has passed.

Umm, what?!

I’m so guilty of feeling like I’ve lost time, simply because I’m letting bad habits get in the way of things that could be helping me feel more balanced and relaxed in my everyday life. I’ve found what helps me is instead of reaching for my phone to scroll the gram, I try to reach for a book instead to exercise my mind a bit more (and not compare myself to strangers on the internet, ya know what I mean?). Or instead of turning on Netflix, I try to journal a bit for the day and write down gratitudes, or what I hope to accomplish the next day. It does wonders for your mind to write things out! 

Eliminating time wasters is a huge way to begin to feel more balanced. Remember, we all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce does 😉

Don’t rush, boo

Is there anything more tempting than hitting snooze when your alarm goes off in the morning? I think not. Staying in your warm cozy bed (especially in these cold winter months) is sooo tempting.

But let’s try something, instead of hitting that ever-so-tempting snooze button. Instead, resist the urge and give yourself that extra 5-10 minutes everyday. This will help you feel less rushed to get to work, to an appointment, or whatever it might be. Allowing yourself that buffer of time will help you totally kick that feeling of always feeling “rushed” no matter where you’re going.

Plus, this means you’ll make it places early! At this point, when you reach wherever your going you can gather your thoughts, and treat yourself to a coffee. You go, girl! Ten gold stars for you!

Plan, plan, and plan again

One of my favorite things to do that I’ve tried to really hone in on over the past six months, is to pre-plan work. With technology these days, you can batch and schedule out work so far in advance, which gives you time to be in the present when you need to be (so you can fill up those other buckets we talked about).

This can go beyond just work though! I love getting all my things ready for the next day prepped the night before. Getting everything from my smoothie fixins’ to coffee fixins’ to what I plan to wear the next day all laid out makes the morning less chaotic and starts it off on a fresh foot. Plus, it’ll free up time in the morning for you to do something else that helps you with balance! Whether that’s getting a workout in, journaling in the morning, or just having some you time, I’ve found this is such a wonderful way to start the morning. 

How do you all stay balanced? It’s definitely something I’m constantly working on, and I’m always looking for tips!