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3 Reasons You Need a Photobooth at Your Wedding featuring The Snappy Camper

May 11, 2017

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If you’re reading this, you may very well be knee deep in your wedding planning bliss (bliss can also equal chaos, and maaaaybe a wee bit of stress). Or, maybe you’re just hoping to pin this for “someday” no judgement there, boo (p.s. let’s be Pinterest friends here!) But, I’m here to ease your woes, my dear. Wedding planning can be so beyond wonderful, I mean come on! You get to completely curate a day to share with your nearest and dearest, that just so happens to be a true representation of you and your partner as a couple. 

One of the highlights of our wedding (you can learn more about that, here!) was having an interactive experience for our guests. The best way to do this? Get your photo booth on, my gorgeous bride to be! I’m breaking down the three reasons having a photo booth at your wedding will be one of the absolute best choices you make during your wedding planning process. Let me tell you, photo booths have evolved so far beyond the basic white wall and props that you’ve seen a zillion times (wah wah) Luckily for you, my lovely readers, there’s a new photo booth in town that’s totally changing the game.


The Snappy Camper Photo Booth

The Snappy Camper is potentially the most adorable sight you’ll ever lay your pretty little eyes on.  This incredibly unique mobile photo booth was beautifully created out of a vintage aloha-style camper. On the outside, it’s just about as darling as can be. Step inside, and all of your photo booth dreams will be fulfilled as you grab your besties and take instant snaps that will become lifelong memories. For all my brides (and party planners alike) who live in Washington State, it’s your lucky day my sweet! The Snappy Camper is based in South Eastern Washington in the town of Prosser, but is more than happy to travel within this beautiful state of ours. Just reach out, and they’ll be more than accommodating to your wishes.  Added bonus? I can say first hand that the amazingly wonderful people behind this project are some of the sweetest, kindest people on this planet! One of them also happens to be one heck of a high-school entrepreneur.

Although, like all good things, they get snatched up in a hurry! Don’t have buyers remorse about not adding this delightful piece to your next event. Already feeling like you might have FOMO for not having this? No need to fret, feel free to reach out to them here! 

Without further ado, let’s break down just why you need this charming trailer when you and your loved one say “I Do”.

Seriously, guys. Your guests will absolutely ADORE having The Snappy Camper to entertain them during the festiveness that is your (undoubtedly gorgeous) wedding. There was constantly a queue of people (young and not-so-young alike). Everyone came out with the BIGGEST grins on their faces, because they just couldn’t get enough. They’d immediately get back in line to enjoy the fun all over again! Everyone from our wedding coordinators, to the bridal party, to grandparents got in on the merriment. 

Combine that with the plethora of unique props available and you might just have a hard time pulling people out of there! Not joking about those props, this vintage trailer of your dreams has everything from Darth Vader masks, to feather boas, to sombreros (you know which one I’d go for…bring on the margaritas!)

It also serves as a perfect icebreaker to get all your loved ones warmed up to break it down on the dance floor later. Get loose in the photo booth so you can bust a move out on the dance floor later (wine helps with those dance moves too…) *Added* bonus for those that aren’t of legal age to enjoy said wine, photo booths are the perfect source of uncontrollable laughter  for people of all ages. From to young, to simply the young at heart, it will be a smashing success all around.


This! This, this, this. It has to be the number one reason you shouldn’t hesitate putting this on your wedding planning bucket list. Your wedding day flashes by faster than you can say flash photo, and this darling vintage trailer of treats will provide you with some of the memories you didn’t get to witness with your own eyes. Try as you might to take every single moment in, some of it will be missed. It is such a joy to be able to look back on those sweet (slash ridiculous, this is a photo booth after all!) flashes of time you weren’t able to be there for, and savor them for years to come.

Plus, you’ll get to see all the ridiculous fun your friends, family, and loved ones had during your special day! Seems like a win win to me. The Snappy Camper offers super cute photo strips you’ll be able to hang on to long after your day has passed. You have the option of putting them in an album (which I would absolutely recommend!) to look at forever. There’s just something so comforting about holding photos in your hand that digital ones just don’t quite have. Not quite sold yet? Just take a peak at some of the silliness that’s in store for you and your guests, and you’ll be snapping your own memories in no time…



This would be reason enough to make sure you add this irresistible camper to your wedding “must-have” list. Not only does it provide you with memories to last a lifetime, but it will also be a huge statement piece on your special day. The Snappy Camper team arrives in enough time to complete an absolute seamless setup. This easy-as-pie process means it’s one less thing you have to worry about on your wedding day-because the only thing you should be worried about is sipping on that mimosa, and dancing with your ladies before your big walk down the aisle.

If you’re in the midst of planning the layout for your big day, finalizing decor can become a bit troublesome/overwhelming/exhausting, especially if you have a large venue! Well, you can brush that stress right over your shoulder, because your solution has arrived. Have an unsightly wall at your venue that you want to cover up? Snappy Camper to the rescue! Feeling like you need to add a statement piece? It couldn’t get more perfect than this photo booth on wheels.

The best part about all of this? It doesn’t matter if your shindig is inside our out, rain or shine, this baby will be there to make sure your day is as special as can possibly be. I mean, just look at the oh-so-adorableness that’s in store for you!

Are you on board? Thought so. Send The Snappy Camper some love here and they’ll be the hit of your upcoming nuptials! Not quite planning a wedding just yet? Lucky for you, because this darling rig is available for any kind of event you may have coming up. Sweet Sixteen? Check. Graduation Party? Double Check. Bridal Shower? Double Triple Check. 

Did you have a photo booth at your wedding? What are some of your wedding must haves? Feel free to share with me here, or #CurateThatMoment with me over on Instagram! (@thelyonbadger)

psttt….find all things you need to know about the goodness that is The Snappy Camper, here!