Everything You Need to Know about the Saguaro in Scottsdale

February 26, 2018

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Post-Holiday blues are a REAL thing. And yes, February still constitutes as “post holiday” in my mind. I mean it’s been snowing like crazy here in Seattle! After the festive celebrations have been celebrated, and the lights have been taken down, the new years resolutions have been made, the reality of winter in the PNW sets in. Meaning…meaning we could all use a sunny escape, am I right?! 

Although we don’t currently have any *sunny* escapes planned, we were lucky to be able to sneak away to sunny Arizona last month to celebrate my 28th birthday! I will say, I so loved being able to get away for a weekend in the sunshine just the two of us, probably my ideal birthday. I’m not a big giant party person, so this was perfect! It was my first time to this desert-y state and we had a blast. It’s hard for me to have a bad time when it involves sunshine and my favorite travel buddy (i.e. that cutie pie is that is my husband). A few of my very dear friends lived in the Scottsdale area in the past, and had fabulous recommendations for us! And while all the recommendations were so good (more to come on that soon–including one epic road trip to Sedona!) I have the say the thing that I loved the most about Scottsdale: our hotel! It was just too good to only mention in a post, so I decided to dedicate an entire blog to the place I left my heart in Scottsdale: The Saguaro. 

This funky, fun hotel has two locations. One is in Scottsdale, and the sister location is in Palm Springs. I don’t think you can go wrong with either, but our hearts were in Scottsdale.

I know, I know. I’m a huge fan of Airbnb’s. But sometimes you have to break your own rules, right? RIGHT. That’s good. Because I think I’m having a love affair with The Saguaro. 

The Good:

What attracted me first about this adorable location was just that: how attractive it was! I actually think this was the first time I’ve seen SO many cacti in real life, and that was part of this place’s charms. It oozes all the deserty vibes you can imagine. When we got there in person? This place did not disappoint. It’s the perfect blend of retro chic meets urban oasis. The devils in the details here and it is so apparent. Brightly colored rooms? Check. Matching cactus logos everywhere you look? Double check. Whitewashed walls that contrast perfectly with that blue blue sky? Triple check. Every little detail about this place was heavenly. I mean you just can’t get any better!

The Better:

JK, maybe you can get a bit better. One of the most ideal things about this charming place in the dessert was it’s location, which is one of the major reasons we stayed here to begin with! The Saguaro lies in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, and the location is ideal. It’s walking distance to so many delicious spots to grab a bite or a drink. We went at Christmas time (though you would never be able to tell by all this sunshine we got!) and it was magical to walk around the area. Christmas in the desert? I kinda dig it. Even though the area is incredibly walkable, The Saguaro provides the cutest cruisers in case you want to get around one wheels. This places gets a 10/10 for location. You go Saguaro, you go.

The Best:

The amenities are really what make this place a stand out in Scottsdale. From the fluffy robes (that you better believe we took full advantage of!) to the minimalistic (however, incredibly brightly colored) exterior, this place and the amenities were amaaaazing. From poolside delivered margaritas, at the not one but TWO incredible pools, to a giant hot tub we literally never had to share with anyone, and not one, but TWO pools–this place seriously has it made in the shade. Whether you’re here for a rowdy pool party, or want to kick back with your new favorite book under one of those gorgeous umbrellas, they’ve got a little bit of everything for you here. 

Extra Bonus Points:

When a hotel looks this dreamy, normally that would come with an exorbitant price tag. Not only was The Saguaro beautiful, but it was SO affordable (we were there in the off season, and it was around $89/night!) Score. If you’re headed to Scottsdale soon, I couldn’t recommend this desert oasis more. Now…Arizona, can you please send some of that sunshine up to Seattle? 



Have you ever been to Scottsdale? Road Tripping to Sedona was one of our very favorite parts, I can’t wait to write more about that so soon! Share with me your favorite AZ spots in the comments, or join the party over on Instagram! 

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